双语诗歌【见证太多的双眼】三首 作者:罗蔓,by 彼岸

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 Romaine's Poems 



Eyes That Have Seen Too Much

Author: Romaine

Anatomy lessons

In the concrete rubble

Free for the taking

If you can go the course

There is no greater teacher

Of the living than death

Counting ribs like sheep

Cannot induce sleep

Cannot erase

That which has already been seen

In this woe-begotten place

This cradle of civilization

Of living stones

Among the dead

Trembles in the shadows

Between light and dark

Without a place to hide

A crying child      silent

Stares into the distance

Of the dying day

Seeing her birthday struck

From the narrative of history

Fingers in mouth

Screams that must not leave

Her empty belly

Become a banquet of memories

Hatred splits the Spring

Splinters of light

Cast into a fiery sky

Like dying stars

Fall upon a dried-up ocean bed

Of tears

Only our rotting corpses

Can heal the earth

Eyes that have seen too much

Must be put out


作者: Romaine 罗蔓
翻译: 万水千山

















孩子的哭泣   衬托出死寂



















Me: First Person Singular Author: Romaine To my brother, Yang Lian: I humbly offer you my first person singular in exchange for your non-person singular, if you do me the honor of accepting it.

First person singular

The flotsam and jetsam Of a fevered coupling Leave no footprints on the ocean floor Abandoned by the tide Bloodied flesh writhes naked Staring at the winter moon Alone The countdown has begun A sea bird's bitter cries Curse the night with beauty I am drowned in their poetry

As an entity I make no sense Even to myself with half a century Of knowledge to trade on I am no wiser I am still alone Humiliated by the blank page Of my addiction to life I am worth more dead On the black market To be so rich is surely a gift from God I am smiling to myself First person most singular Humor from the depths of the universe Can only ever be black

Elemental anchors Combustible inflammable fetters of existence Douse my ardor for eternity But all is redeemable at the ocean gates To where I must return Empty-handed Ineluctably Alone

I have tried to touch the earth lightly With a lover's caress A pen stroke at midnight A massacre of the heart At war only with myself Untreated wounds That words cannot heal The rotting stench of a dead woman's dream Is the only monument remaining In a crystalline ocean Of darkness To tell my tale

【我: 单数第一人称】 作者: Romaine 罗蔓 翻译: 万水千山 致我的兄弟 杨练: 如果你乐于接纳,我愿谦卑的用我单数第一人称来交换你单数非人称

单数第一人称 就像在云雨的夫妻 全身灼热肢体碎裂浮起 没有留下任何脚印在海底 已被海浪抛弃 赤裸裸挣扎的是血淋淋的肉体 我看着那冬天的月儿 孤单只有我自己 倒计时已开始 海鸟在痛苦的哭泣 用美丽来诅咒黑夜 我已淹没在他们诗歌的海洋里

我无法参透 作为一位有识之士 甚至用上了半个世纪的学识 我不是智者 我仍然孤寂 我忽忽的生活羞辱着我自己 如那张白纸无从提笔 我就值得半死不活的在那黑市 富有完全是上帝的恩赐 我笑对自己 第一人称 那独有的单数 幽默的来自宇宙的苍茫里 只能是黑暗

定海之锚 是燃烧着的梏桎 将我的热情之火永远浇熄 然而海洋之门却能将一切赎回 我必须回到那里 空空的双手 无法逃避 孤单只有我自己

我抚摸地球 轻柔无比 如情人带着爱意 午夜泼墨挥笔 一场屠戮驻留在我心里 战争的敌人只有我自己 带血的伤口 无法医治 死亡女人的梦想 散发腐烂的臭气 是那水晶般的海洋里 仅存的丰碑 黑暗无比 要述说关于我的故事

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Postcards You Never Sent Me Author: Romaine

Your room is untouched The only window nailed shut To keep its secrets From the telltale sun Stagnant air filled with demons Become aroused and angered By my presence But I will not leave Until I find you

Tripods stacked like corpses Awaiting burial Litter your bed Soiled winding sheets Await a Kaddish prayer Before performing their duty I utter the spell alone Solemnly In the language of the damned And all is as it must be

Two of your cameras - both German From different companies - Offer no resistance to my tortured hand Equally emitting no light At my urging I am lost in a graveyard Of image thieves Of dirty jeans and jocks And whisky bottles without stoppers All seeking atonement

A travelling case Scarred Stands in the corner Blinded Its eyes put out because of what it has seen A breach of the Geneva Convention Languishing in your cell I loosen its bindings Its tongue freed Tells me a love story From a thousand places In a lone voice

A postcard of concrete rubble Of broken bodies Syria Bears the legend Wish you were here Starving children black with dirt Stare down the lens North Korea Wish you were here One hundred students shot Their vacant eyes will not read Another poem Colorado USA Wish you were here White-suited aliens Masked Moon-walkers on earth Japan Wish you were here Deadbeat drug addict Dead Needle in arm Sao Paolo Brazil Wish you were here Burning skies Unbreathable air Broken lives China Wish you were here Foreign correspondent beheaded Iran Wish you were here

Postcards you never sent me From places you never wished I would be I wish you were here


作者: Romaine 罗蔓 翻译: 万水千山

你的房间已无人触及 唯一的窗户已用铁钉封闭 是要守住那秘密 万能的太阳开示 恶魔充斥停滞的空气 只因我的存在 恶魔就被惊醒充满怒气 但我没有奔离 直到我找到你

三脚架堆叠着就像那尸体 等待着葬礼 把你的床丢弃 和着裹尸布用泥土埋起 等待着葬礼的祷告 裹尸布的职责还未开始 我已独自高声吟起 庄重无比 用那该死的语言吟诵 所有的一切都是威逼

你那两只照相机 - 都是徳国制 出自不同的公司 - 我受尽苦难的手无法抵制 就如我再三催促也看不到光明一丝 我迷失在幻想盗贼的坟地 迷失在肮脏的牛仔裤和内裤的坟地 迷失在没有瓶塞的威士忌酒瓶里 一切的一切都在寻求着赎罪

一只流浪的行囊 鳞伤遍体 耸立在那角落 双眼已被蒙蔽 它双目圆瞪 因为它看到了 日内瓦公约 被背弃 渐渐地在你的细胞里失去活力 我去掉它所有的束缚 它的舌头便得以解脱 它用孤独的语气 在千万方热土地 讲述那爱的故事

明信片上的残垣断壁 和破碎的尸体 叙利亚 读到明信片上的字 希望你来过这里 饥饿的孩子满身漆黑污浊遍体 镜头对准 朝鲜 希望你来过这里 成百上千的学生被枪毙 他们那茫然的双眼无法再去学习 另一个诗篇 美国科罗拉多 希望你来过这里 白色皮囊的异类 已伪装严密 月球的漫步者来到地球 日本 希望你来过这里 游手好闲的人贪婪的吸食着毒品 是死气 拥抱针尖的国度 巴西 圣保罗 希望你来过这里 燃烧的天空 窒息的空气 破碎的生活 中国 希望你来过这里 斩首外国记者 伊朗 希望你来过这里


上面有你不让我来到的那些寄件地 但愿你就在我这里

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Romaine Scott, writer, was born in Europe, now lives with her family in Australia. In addition to poetry writing, she also translates Chinese poems, and writes articles on the work of Chinese artists. Her poems appear on the calligraphy scroll "One hundred meters and one hundred poems."  Currently, she is writing a children's novel loosely based on "Homer's Odyssey", and a crime fiction novel set in Sydney and Beijing. She is the one of the writers signed to the Xinhua Publishing House.

Romaine Scott, 罗蔓, 史考特, 作家,出生于欧洲,现与家人居住在澳洲。除了诗歌创作,她还翻译中文诗歌,着重于写作介绍有关中国艺术家的文章。她的诗歌入选百人百诗百米书法长卷现阶段,她正在创一部有关"荷马的奥德赛"儿童小说和一部以悉尼和北京为场景犯罪小说。她是新华出版社签约的一位作家


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